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Lower My Bills

Keys to Negotiating ANY Bill: Analyze the Competition: Before you consider making any call to try and negotiate a lower bill, spend a few minutes online looking at what the competition is currently offering in the form of promotions and limited time specials.By having this information at the ready when talking to the customer service rep you’ll look much more credible and your chances of.

To Lower Your Utility Bills; Use a programmable thermostat. Lower the temperature (or raise it in summer) seven to eight degrees when you’re not home, and adjust it at least four degrees for the hours that you’re asleep.

Just tried to change my bill in store and got the worst employee ever. Said that dish is looking more and more appealing every day, and all she said was "yeah dish is a good company". Ended up just keeping my same bill with a little added. The thing I was trying to do was lower my bill before the terms expired.

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Reading this was a God send because now I am encouraged to pick up that phone and make the calls to lower my monthly bills. Thank YOU Joan!! Reply. Joan January 7, 2013 at 11:58 AM. Cay, thank YOU!! I am so proud of you for doing that. It’s NOT easy – but I am waiting to hear how it goes, so please check back in and tell us!!

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The annual double-digit increases in the price of electricity in recent years have sent household energy bills skyrocketing. But there are a number of simple changes that households can make to reduce.

Need to find more money in your budget? Evaluating your monthly expenses is a good place to start. Small tweaks can help you save on.

We lower 95% of the bills we get. If you’re paying for monthly bills, you’re getting ripped off by your provider more than $350 a year on average. We’ll fix that. And if we don’t save anything, we don’t charge anything-no hidden fees, no "regularly scheduled increases," no risk. That’s our guarantee.

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