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3 Things to Ask Before Getting a New Air Conditioner

3 Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Furnace Repairs.. Why You Should Get Your Air Conditioner Inspected Before the Summer. As soon as winter ends, Custom Climate Control in Beatrice, NE, recommends scheduling an air conditioner inspection, even if it’s still too cold to use it.. 3 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner.

Sometimes, the best way to deal with surface mold is to clean it properly and then add a vent-at a much cheaper cost than mold air quality testing and full remediation. Another costly problem to avoid are hidden in-ground oil tanks. Ask your inspector if there’s any evidence of a former oil tank on the property.

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Signs of an aging air conditioner:-If you find that your air conditioning unit has to be frequently serviced, then it is likely getting older and you may need a new one.-If you notice that your utility bills are gradually getting higher, then this is also a common sign of an aging unit. Also see our article on "How to lower your electric bill."

We asked This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey to share his air conditioner maintenance tips for central air and window units. 9 Things You Need to Know About Air Conditioning IMAGE 2 OF 10

Check These 3 Things Before Using Your Air Conditioner Change Filters regularly (every 30-60 days depending on filter type). Clean the vents indoors and on the outdoor unit itself – don’t make it work more than it has to.

6 Tips for Buying a Central Air Conditioning System. Buying a new central air conditioning unit, or replacing an old one, is one of the most significant and expensive home improvement decisions a homeowner can make. Here are several things to keep in mind before you make that purchase: 1.

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A/C systems last between 10 and 20 years, so you’ll probably buy a new one at some point. Homeowners should consider the size of the unit, installation costs, maintenance needs and energy efficiency before purchasing a new air conditioning unit.

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